RBDMS: Powerful Data & Analytical Tools for Effective State Resource Management

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RBDMS Products

The RBDMS suite of products provide tools for all aspects of managing regulatory data related to oil, gas, underground injection control (UIC), water, and associated environmental data.

RBDMS Benefits

Built from the bottom-up by the system’s users, RBDMS integrates years of experience in multiple states with data management and program best practices to address the ever evolving needs of state regulatory programs.

RDBMS applications allow state regulatory agencies to efficiently manage data related to permit applications and environmental inspections. The increased efficiency in workflow lowers operating costs and frees up time for agency staff to concentrate on environmental protections. The applications can be tailored to specific state regulatory needs, enabling agencies to confirm that all wells and operators adhere to best environmental practices. RDBMS applications also foster communication between state agencies, ensuring that environmental protection is enforced on a nation-wide scale.


We are familiar with the many complex tasks involved in regulatory tracking

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Years of experience has allowed us to help states develop reliable software

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Our network connects oil and gas regulators from across the country

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RBDMS states have a whole community of people from across the nation

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RBDMS Partner States

The following states agencies have implemented one or more RBDMS products. Hover or click on each state to see a list of products used.

RBDMS Testimonials

Adam Wygant

“RBDMS is really at the center of everything we do at the Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division.  We manage all aspects of our regulatory program and data with RBDMS and continue to see enhancements that add value, return on investment, and help fulfill our mission.”

Adam W. Wygant

Michigan Oil, Gas, & Minerals Division, Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Bart Kettle

"RDBMS data storage combined with the knowledge and expertise from professionals across the country is empowering Utah's Oil and Gas Program to consistently make data driven decisions."

Bart Kettle

Deputy Director, Oil & Gas Program
Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining

Mark Bohrer

“The modularity of RBDMS and the ability to collaborate with other states through GWPC has allowed the NDIC to seamlessly maintain its regulatory programs and protect the environment while producing vital natural resources.”

Mark Bohrer

UIC Manager - North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil & Gas Division

RBDMS Success Stories

Robust RBDMS Database Allows North Dakota Industrial Commission to Adapt to Bakken Boom

Bakken Oil Boom In 2010 Williston was a quiet town in rural northwestern North Dakota with a population of 14,700. Within four years the population had more than doubled and rent prices soared to levels usually only seen in New York City or San Francisco. This huge influx of people was driven by the…
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RBDMS Field Inspection Prioritization Module Increases Efficiency and Provides Valuable Insights

In early 2020 the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (UDOGM) implemented the RBDMS Field Inspection Prioritization (FIP) module. The module, using a variety of data points and GIS technology, generates a map that marks which oil and gas wells should receive priority inspection. The FIP module speeds…
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