Ground Water Protection Council

About GWPC

The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) is a national nonprofit association, headquartered in the State of Oklahoma, that promotes the protection and conservation of groundwater resources.  They do this by bringing state regulatory and resource management agencies together to promote and ensure continued regulatory improvement. 

GWPC was initially incorporated in 1983 by five states who wanted to form an organization that would serve as a forum to bring together technical and regulatory experts to discuss underground injection control (UIC) issues and overall groundwater protection. The development and long term support of RBDMS was an outgrowth of this commitment. The founders also sought to develop a strong public outreach/education program to inform the public about the safety of the national UIC program and to develop information that could be used by the states to enhance this effort.  GWPC is the only national association whose members regulate underground injection wells. 

Since its founding, the Board of Directors have enhanced GWPC’s overall commitment to broader groundwater issues as a recognition that the UIC program is one piece of a much larger effort to effectively protect groundwater as an essential component of the ecosystem.  Current members include state environmental protection, UIC, source water, groundwater, and oil and gas regulatory agencies. 

Ground Water Protection CouncilGWPC was founded upon a sound principle from which it has never wavered. It has matured into a respected national association of state groundwater and UIC agencies. Along the way, GWPC has had a significant impact in affecting national policy in underground injection and groundwater protection.