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RBDMS in the News

New Mexico Releases WaterSTAR Produced Water Data Portal

The New Mexico Produced Water Reuse data portal was developed through an agreement between the New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium and the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) in support of the New Mexico Water Data Initiative. The WaterSTAR product of the GWPC was used as the basis of the data portal. The data sources…

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RBDMS WellFinder Adds Kansas Data

The state of Kansas has joined 13 other oil and gas states whose well data is now featured in the RBDMS WellFinder app. The data, which is directly provided by the state of Kansas, will be updated monthly.  There are over 175,000 oil and gas wells in Kansas. The app includes salt water disposal and…

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A New Naming Convention Emerges for RBDMS Applications

Over the last few years a new naming convention for RBDMS applications has emerged.  A number of RBDMS web applications now have the STAR acronym in their name. This acronym was first used in California’s implementation of RBDMS 3.0 (WellSTAR) and stands for Statewide Tracking and Reporting. When the first member states came together over…

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