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RBDMS in the News

Largest Release in the RBDMS 3.0 Upgrade Goes Live in California

The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) is working with California’s Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) to upgrade RBDMS from a desktop application to a web application. This large project is broken into four distinct releases, each building upon the last. At the beginning of May, the second and largest release…

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RBDMS 3.0 “Alpha” Release

The GWPC is pleased to announce that the RBDMS 3.0 alpha release (“Alpha”) is available for evaluation by interested parties.  As discussed at the Lido conference, “Alpha” represents our first step towards leveraging the work being done in California on the WellSTAR project for the national RBDMS community. As shown in Figure 1 below, WellSTAR…

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GWPC Launches State-Powered WellFinder Mobile Application

The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) announced today the release of RBDMS WellFinder, a free mobile application powered by data directly from state regulatory programs, which allows users to locate and select oil and natural gas wells from an interactive map to display valuable data and information. RBDMS WellFinder utilizes well data directly from state…

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