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Oil & Gas Data

The majority of oil & gas states use RBDMS to collect and manage data, both internally and from industry operators. Data is collected for every piece of the regulatory process from applications for drilling permits to production to incidents to plugging. This provides a wealth of data which is made publicly available in a variety of ways. More information can be found on the About RBDMS page and the RBDMS Core product page.

State Data

The states display data through online data access, which may include well information, facility information, financial assurance, inspections, production & injection information, compliance and more.

RBDMS WellFinder

RBDMS WellFinder is a free, publicly-available mobile application that displays high-level information regarding nearby oil, gas, and injection wells. It also includes links back to individual state websites for more detailed information about a particular well. The app is available through Google Play and the App Store.