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Area of Review Tool

RBDMS Area of Review Tool

The RBDMS Area of Review (AOR) Tool allows users to upload data for an Underground Injection Control (UIC) Area of Review via an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD); in this case, an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file. Users can use this data to quickly and efficiently examine all wells that need to be reviewed for an AOR.

The AOR Tool streamlines and standardizes all well data used for AORs. When users upload data for wells in the Area of Review, all information must be complete and formatted correctly. If any data is missing or in the improper format, the AOR Tool highlights what information needs to be included or corrected. Once all data is complete, the Tool migrates the data into the RBDMS database. The expansion and standardization of data allows users to thoroughly and precisely complete AORs.

AOR Generation Tool

The AOR Generation Tool, is a map-based tool and can be used to generate the AOR EDD automatically from data in the RBDMS database. The Generation Tool allows a user to enter an API number or click on a map to indicate the center point of the AOR. The user can adjust the distance of the buffer and see the buffer drawn on the map as well as the wells that fall within the buffer. The user can then add and remove wells to the AOR, and export the AOR EDD Excel file which is populated with data from RBDMS. This saves time for agency users reviewing an AOR as all relevant data is automatically pulled for them. Users can then fill in any missing information and submit the EDD.

Both the AOR Tool and the AOR Generation Tool can easily be adapted to meet each state’s data and regulatory needs. They can also be configured for agency use only, or for operators to submit AORs and agency users to review those submissions.

Success Stories

Nebraska Standardizes UIC Area of Review Data with the RBDMS AOR Tool

In early 2020 the Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (NOGCC) partnered with the Groundwater Protection Council (GWPC) to implement the RBDMS Area of Review (AOR) Tool. This application allows a user to upload AOR data via an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD); in this case, an Excel spreadsheet. The NOGCC...

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