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The core RBDMS software application has been developed through decades of collaboration between GWPC and the states utilizing it.  Rooted in over 20 years of innovation, RBDMS Core has adapted to the ever-changing needs of regulatory agencies.  The functionalities highlighted below, paired with integrated workflows and data management standards, are designed to provide all of the tools necessary to maintain efficient and reliable regulatory tracking.

RBDMS Core Versions


RBDMS 3.0 web enabled is currently in production in California. North Dakota, Wyoming, and Texas are all installing RBDMS 3.0.

RBDMS 3.0 Lite

Built using 3.0 technologies, 3.0 Lite provides a lighter weight version of the 3.0 application that’s focused on smaller states needs and simpler workflows.


After the development and success of RBDMS Classic, larger states started to express interest in using the product. The developers and the GWPC Technical Committee worked together to develop a more normalized data structure to accommodate the larger data sets and to enhance data retrieval. This data structure coupled with a customized .Net front end is designed to provide increased speed and better capabilities.

RBDMS Classic (Legacy)

RBDMS Classic was the original client-server version of RBDMS, implemented in the 1990s. It features a Microsoft Access front-end application and a SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 R2 database. Although RBDMS was originally designed to track underground injection control (UIC) data, the familiar Access environment allowed agencies with limited information technology support to adapt it rapidly to track other aspects of oil and gas regulation. Although RBDMS Classic is still in use in some states, its installation is no longer supported.

Success Stories

Read how RBDMS is revolutionizing workflow, reporting and efficiencies for agencies across the US:

Robust RBDMS Database Allows North Dakota Industrial Commission to Adapt to Bakken Boom

Bakken Oil Boom In 2010 Williston was a quiet town in rural northwestern North Dakota with a population of 14,700. Within four years the population had more than doubled and rent prices soared to levels usually only seen in New York City or San Francisco. This huge influx of people...

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RBDMS Continues to Improve Data Continuity

Field Inspectors State agency field inspectors across the nation have been visiting oil and gas sites for decades to ensure that environmental rules and regulations are being followed. One field inspector may be responsible for inspecting 1,000 wells and 60 facilities each year.  Whenever inspectors visit a well or facility,...

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States Collaborate to Decreases Costs, Solve Common Problems

RBDMS Semi-Annual Conference Twice a year, staff from state oil and gas regulatory agencies gather for a few days of RBDMS training, socializing, and conversation about challenges shared across the nation. Some states like Utah and Mississippi have been RBDMS states since the 1990’s. Others, like California and Idaho are...

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