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Directional Survey Import Tool

RBDMS Directional Survey Import Tool

Horizontal and directional drilling operations are utilized to allow access to greater volumes of reservoir rock while minimizing the number of well pads required to access oil and gas resources. These drilling practices introduce more complexity for state agencies when reviewing and approving applications to drill. The Directional Survey Import Tool provides a standard Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) format for operators to submit directional survey data to the state agency. The tool checks for errors and processes the data by calculating the latitude and longitude of each survey point and creating point and line features for mapping. These features are stored in a spatial database as geometry or geography data types. State agency users can then view the data with third-party software in a map or cross section view.

Accurate mapping of directional/horizontal wellbores can help agency staff make decisions regarding spacing and mineral rights, anti-collision planning, injection well zone isolation, and fracture stimulation communication avoidance. After an approved well is drilled, the spatial data can also be used to compare the proposed wellbore with the actual wellbore.