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RBDMS Explorer

RBDMS Explorer (previously known as Data Miner) integrates agency oil and gas data, GIS, and full-text searching in a public-facing website. When a user searches for information, it is displayed in a data grid and on an interactive web map. Explorer also offers the ability to download data in a .csv or .xls file.

Explorer provides users the ability to view regulatory information ranging from operator information to well construction to inspection details and incident information. While the system already ensures that records marked confidential are not available for public viewing, each agency can determine how much information to make public and what data elements to expose publicly.  By default, the system displays all non-confidential information.  Agencies can disable certain views as necessary. While designed to run against an RBDMS database, the product allows connection to a non-RBDMS database as well.

Agency staff, industry, researchers, and the general public all use state implementations of Explorer to access oil and gas data. The agencies using the application to publicly display their data have reported a drop in calls to the office for information that is now available online. 

Success Stories

North Dakota Implements RBDMS 3.0 Technology

The North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC) Oil and Gas Division installed RBDMS in 2002 to track oil and gas data collected during the regulatory process. RBDMS provided a robust database that was able to adapt with NDIC during the Bakken boom. Now NDIC is beginning the process of upgrading to RBDMS...

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