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Field Inspection Prioritization

Field Inspection Prioritization Module

The Field Inspection Prioritization (FIP) module generates a map that shows agency users which wells should receive priority inspection based on geographic (e.g. distance to nearby streams) and operational criteria (e.g. days since last inspection). The module allows inspectors to quickly and efficiently plan inspection routes and ensures that inspections are prioritized based on risk factors for a particular well.

Each well that appears on the map is colored to correspond with a rating system that alerts users which wells need priority inspection, and users can click on individual wells to generate a report on the well. The map also allows users to add or remove geographic layers such as roads, rivers, geographical areas, and section lines to better help the inspector best plan their inspection route and schedule. Through use of the FIP module, state regulatory agencies can reduce the amount of time between inspection of wells. The module is easily customizable and states can define their own rules for prioritizing wells.

Success Stories

RBDMS Field Inspection Prioritization Module Increases Efficiency and Provides Valuable Insights

In early 2020 the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (UDOGM) implemented the RBDMS Field Inspection Prioritization (FIP) module. The module, using a variety of data points and GIS technology, generates a map that marks which oil and gas wells should receive priority inspection. The FIP module speeds up...

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