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FracFocus is the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry managed by GWPC and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). The system allows state regulatory agencies to receive disclosure of chemicals and fluids used in the process of hydraulic fracturing from operators. The original purpose of the system was voluntary submission of disclosures by operators; however, as of December 2016 twenty-three states require or allow the use of FracFocus as the means of regulatory chemical disclosure. In total, FracFocus gathers chemical data in thirty-four states because of additional voluntary disclosures.

Operators use to submit disclosures. These disclosures are received in a data format that allows users to quickly search for wells that have been hydraulically fractured and view chemical disclosure information for each well. Agencies can integrate FracFocus data with their RBDMS system by either feeding data collected in RBDMS to FracFocus or pulling FracFocus information into RBDMS.  For those states that require disclosure of hydraulic fracturing chemicals and fluids, FracFocus provides the means for operators to submit the data in accordance with statutory or regulatory requirements.

FracFocus provides a powerful tool for agencies to provide transparency to the public. An application program interface (API) allows automated downloading of data found on FracFocus disclosures. This allows researchers and members of the public to obtain real-time data from the FracFocus system.


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