Oil/Gas Gateway

The RBDMS Oil and Gas Data Gateway is the newest project of the GWPC. Designed to provide continuous data feeds from RBDMS agencies nationwide, the Gateway will serve as a cross-jurisdictional clearinghouse for participating agencies to pool current regulatory and environmental sampling data sets in both map displays and tabular formats. The Gateway is scheduled for initial release later this year.

Automated Data Feeds from Participating Agencies

The RBDMS Oil and Gas Data Gateway works through a cooperative agreement by the participating agencies. The agencies identify a small set of data elements that each will feed a central repository on a regular basis. The repository strictly maintains source metadata and links, thus documenting the provenance of the data displayed in the Web site. Each agency therefore retains ownership of the data.

Once agreement as to the data set elements is reached, each agency will install a small application called an Extract Agent that will relay the data from the agency to the central repository. Once collected, the data will be transformed into a normalized, indexed, and queryable format on the Gateway central repository server.


Intuitive Interface, Powerful Search Features

The Gateway is designed to allow users to perform advanced queries to download data from custom searches. These may include map-based queries by facility name or location, dates, and sampling point attributes, among other criteria. Links to source agencies’ Web sites can be made available for users to retrieve additional information.

Because the data points are geospatially referenced and displayed in a server-neutral GIS, queries by geographic region (state, basin, watershed, etc.) can be driven either by keyword or mouse point-and-click. The clickable map, simplified filters, and intuitive interface used to navigate the Gateway make it possible for even casual computer users to run sophisticated queries.

The technology underlying the RBDMS Web Gateway leverages the GWPC's work with its oil and gas agency partners on various data exchange protocols. These include the EPA's WQX schema and extended custom formats for uploads from industry and their laboratories, the Central Data Exchange program (UIC Node), and the GWPC's own contribution to interstate data sharing, the eReport schema for oil and gas production and injection reporting.