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WaterSTAR, formally RBDMS Environmental, is a set of tools for managing laboratory analytical and field data for all environmental matrices For the Agency: For the Industry: For the Public: WaterSTAR PowerPoint Presentation:

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The RBDMS Wellbore Diagram Tool draws well configuration and geology for easy interpretation by agency users.  These diagrams facilitate assessment and understanding of wellbore configurations and potential risks. They are particularly useful during permit reviews, changes of well configuration, and when determining plugging requirements. The tool draws the wellbore and each construction feature (such as…

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The Oklahoma Corporation Commission worked with GWPC to develop an application to track data related to the increasing prevalence of injection-induced earthquakes.  The RBDMS Seismic/UIC Application provides an analysis screen that allows users to interact with operator supplied information and earthquake information simultaneously in order to provide insights into potential problem locations and actions that…

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