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RBDMS WellFinder is a free mobile application (iOS & Android) that is available for use by anyone who chooses to download the application. It is also now available as a web application: It allows users to explore oil and gas wells in multiple participating states across the nation. Users can interact with the well information on…

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Field Inspection

The RBDMS Field Inspection Application is currently implemented in Utah and Wyoming. It is a web-enabled and mobile (tablet) friendly product that allows agency field inspectors to interact with and input data while they are performing a field inspection. An offline mode allows the data to be entered any time and uploaded once connected to…

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Area of Review Tool

The RBDMS Area of Review (AOR) Tool allows users to upload data for an Underground Injection Control (UIC) Area of Review via an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD); in this case, an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file. Users can use this data to quickly and efficiently examine all wells that need to be reviewed for an…

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