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RBDMS Seismic/UIC Application

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission worked with GWPC to develop an application to track data related to the increasing prevalence of injection-induced earthquakes.  The RBDMS Seismic/UIC Application provides an analysis screen that allows users to interact with operator supplied information and earthquake information simultaneously in order to provide insights into potential problem locations and actions that may reduce earthquake risk.

The Seismic/UIC Application integrates with RBDMS Core and USGS (or other) earthquake data networks.  The app then provides views of the data tailored to analysis needs.  This includes providing charts and graphs depicting injection volumes through time for wells and regions.  This information is displayed in conjunction with maps showing wells overlaid with earthquake information, allowing users to focus on areas of concern and to determine potential contributors to increased seismicity. The application allows agency staff and research partners to view the data they need to make decisions in a matter of minutes rather than days.

The RBDMS Seismic/UIC Application is a web application that can be adapted to consume services from existing applications and data sources. It is available for installation in other states.  

Success Stories

RBDMS Seismic/UIC Application: Real-Time Data to Make Real-Time Decisions

Oklahoma Earthquakes on the Rise In 2013, the state of Oklahoma experienced 109-magnitude 3+ earthquakes. In 2015, that number had increased by 732 percent to 907-magnitude 3+ earthquakes.  Oklahoma has historically experienced some level of seismicity, but nothing to this extent.  This dramatic increase was national news and citizens were...

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