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RBDMS Wellbore Diagram Tool

The RBDMS Wellbore Diagram Tool draws well configuration and geology for easy interpretation by agency users.  These diagrams facilitate assessment and understanding of wellbore configurations and potential risks. They are particularly useful during permit reviews, changes of well configuration, and when determining plugging requirements.

The tool draws the wellbore and each construction feature (such as wellbore hole, casing, cement intervals, bridge plugs and more). Vertical wells only show a vertical segment, but directional and horizontal wells show a vertical segment and horizontal segment. The position of features along the hole is relative to their depth against the wellbore’s total measured depth. The diagram is not to scale in order to show wellbore features in an easy-to-interpret manner.

The RBDMS Wellbore Diagram Tool is a web-based application that integrates seamlessly with RBDMS Core, eForm, and Explorer by consuming services.

Example: A wellbore diagram accessible through Nebraska’s public RBDMS Explorer.