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RBDMS 3.0 “Alpha” Release

The GWPC is pleased to announce that the RBDMS 3.0 alpha release (“Alpha”) is available for evaluation by interested parties.  As discussed at the Lido conference, “Alpha” represents our first step towards leveraging the work being done in California on the WellSTAR project for the national RBDMS community.

As shown in Figure 1 below, WellSTAR includes four major releases, each with its own targeted functional and technical components.  Release 1.0 serves as the WellSTAR Technical Pilot and implements the architecture backbone of the RBDMS 3.0 application suite.  It demonstrates the cloud-ready SOA application architecture, application frameworks, back-end services and technical capabilities of the forthcoming RBDMS 3.0 system.  Extracted from the Release 1.0 codebase, “Alpha” includes the major technical components of Release 1.0 including online forms, business rules, workflow, service bus and PDF generation.  “Alpha” also comes packaged with sample electronic forms, rules, workflow and instructional documentation so that interested parties can begin experimenting with configurations and components they feel may be relevant to their eventual use cases. 

Figure 1: WellSTAR capabilities and Alpha components

Clients who would like to experiment with the “Alpha” release will receive guidance on how to install “Alpha” in their own local environments, or if desired, in the cloud.  Guidance will also be provided on how to use the components to develop, configure and process online forms, including defining custom rules and workflow.  The goal is to provide interested parties with the ability to flex the “Alpha” technology and get a sense for what RBDMS 3.0 will be able to do and how it might fit into their upgrade planning.

Please note that “Alpha” is just that – an early alpha release that has not yet been formally tested.   As a result, it should not be used as a basis for production applications outside of California.  Rather, “Alpha” should be viewed as a conceptual model of RBDMS 3.0 for those who may be interested in either leveraging components of the new system or contemplating a complete upgrade.  By this August, the “Alpha” components will be fully tested and used to support production operations in California. Until then, we welcome being notified of any issues you may encounter during your evaluation to aid us in the development of a quality product.

To get involved with evaluating “Alpha”, please contact Paul Jehn at the GWPC.  We will then work with you and the RBDMS 3.0 support staff to determine how best to get you started.  At a minimum, we will schedule an evaluation kick-off where the team will work to understand your goals with “Alpha” and how we can provide support.  Please note that the GWPC and the RBDMS 3.0 support staff have limited bandwidth so we will need to prioritize our workload if demand is high.

If you do not wish to evaluate “Alpha” this summer there will be future opportunities using a more mature, robust version.  WellSTAR Release 1.0 (“Alpha” technical components plus the Entity and Bond Management functional components) is currently scheduled to go live in California by the end of August 2017.  Thereafter, we will extract and prepare a more mature version of “Alpha” that will include Entity and Bond Management capabilities.  We expect to provide the RBDMS community with a thorough overview of WellSTAR Release 1.0 at our next conference in November 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Paul Jehn.

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