RBDMS Products

RBDMS PresentationThe RBDMS suite of products provide tools for all aspects of managing regulatory data related to oil, gas, underground injection control (UIC), water, and associated environmental data. RBDMS applications can be used in an integrated or stand-alone fashion; however, the benefits and power of the products are maximized when used together as an integrated suite.

Primary Products

CoreRBDMS Core

The RBDMS Core is the primary information storage system for agency oil, gas and UIC data.  It provides a reliable and time-tested home for the data needed to make informed decisions.

eFormsRBDMS Electronic Forms (eForm)

RBDMS eForm allows for electronic permitting and reporting.  It integrates seamlessly with RBDMS Core and other products, allowing agencies to collect information from the regulated community.

ExplorerRBDMS Explorer

Explorer provides an interactive mapping interface and robust data exploration options for both internal and public users to view and understand RBDMS data.

Additional Products

These additional RBDMS products are specialized applications or extensions that build on, can be integrated with, or use data from RBDMS Core.

RBDMS Environmental


Formally known as RBDMS Environmental. WaterSTAR has been updated with new tools and a more friendly user interface.

RBDMS Seismic

RBDMS Seismic

The Seismic/UIC App queries extensive data from multiple databases about specific underground injection wells and earthquakes.  Results are visualized on a map, allowing for quick analysis.

RBDMS Field Inspection

RBDMS Field Inspection

 Field Inspection application is a web-enabled and mobile-friendly product that allows agency field inspectors to interact with and input data while they are performing a field inspection.

RBDMS Area of Review Tool

This map based tool allows the user to input an API number or click a point on the map to generate an AOR electronic data deliverable (EDD) template auto-populated with data from RBDMS.

Field Inspection Prioritization Module

Wells prioritized by Field Inspection Prioritization module

This module generates a map that shows agency users which wells should receive priority inspection based on geographic (e.g. distance to nearby streams) and operational criteria (e.g. days since last inspection).

RBDMS WellBore

RBDMS WellBore

The Wellbore Diagram Tool is a visual add-on to RBDMS that generates cross-section diagrams of a well from stored data, showing well features and construction.

RBDMS WellFinder

RBDMS WellFinder

WellFinder is a free, publicly-available mobile application (iOS & Android) that displays high-level information regarding nearby oil, gas, and injection wells. WellFinder has been updated in 2020, and is now available for download on your phone.

RBDMS Directional Survey Import Tool

The Directional Survey Import Tool provides a standard Electronic Data Delivery (EDD) format for operators to submit directional survey data to the state agency.



FracFocus is the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry.  Operators use the registry to report chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing.  The disclosures are made publicly available.