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RBDMS Electronic Forms (eForm)

RBDMS eForms product screenshotRBDMS provides an online electronic forms system that can accommodate a wide range of agency data collection processes. Each electronic form can be customized to the agency’s business rules. Various states use eForm to collect information from oil and gas operators such as drilling permit applications and production and injection reports. eForm has also been used to collect public input. It reduces paper handling and data entry costs, provides detailed records of permitting and form processing, and directly integrates with RBDMS Core records and capabilities.

eForm also facilitates data validation and serves as a workflow device within state agencies. Detailed business logic can be assigned to fields in the form to validate the data and check it against existing records where appropriate. This business logic works as a first line defense against poorly entered or incomplete data. Operators are able to see and fix any issues detected by the system before submitting to the agency. Once a record has been submitted, the form submission enters a workflow that routes it to the right people for review and approval or amendment. Once a form has been approved or denied it becomes a permanent record and can trigger updates to existing records in the agency’s primary database (generally RBDMS Core).   

eForm Versions

There are multiple versions of eForm:

Web Forms 

Web Forms were developed as part of RBDMS 3.0. eForm 3.0 technology streamlines the collection of operator-submitted oil and gas data and creates an opportunity to evaluate agency efficiency in review of operator submissions.


FormBuilder rovides a user interface that greatly simplifies the generation of forms, provides links back to SQL, and reduces the need to write code.

eForm Classic

eForm Classic is the legacy version of eForm.

All of the versions are web applications that can run on modern web browsers. Each version provides special capabilities. To determine which version is right for your agency, consult a GWPC representative.

Success Stories

Witness how RBDMS eForms is improving work efficiency for our users:

RBDMS Continues to Improve Data Continuity

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