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RBDMS Environmental product screenRBDMS Environmental is a web application that allows agencies to manage and receive electronic records of soil, water or air sampling results. It is used to track field observations for gas, soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater, tissue, and air matrices. It also accepts analytical water quality and chemical data reports from industry and third-party laboratories. The data can be tracked by location, date, sampling parameters and more. This robust system can house information tied to any number of activities, including but not limited to: spill clean-up tracking, water quality sampling, air quality sampling and injectate analysis.

The application includes electronic forms for receiving submittals, managing sampling results, managing users and more.  Sampling information and facilities can be displayed on a map, represented in reports and analyzed through a variety of powerful reports.

RBDMS Environmental offers the following functionality:

  • Secure logon and roles-based security that integrates with RBDMS eForm
  • A filterable dashboard with sophisticated querying capabilities
  • Online form completion for facility creation, sample data, and field and laboratory results
  • Client- and server-side data validation for immediate user feedback
  • A server-neutral GIS
  • An extension of the eForm Alerts module that includes sophisticated analytical data checks
  • Chain-of-custody and statistical reporting
  • Electronic data deliverable formats based on the EPA’s WQX schema 

Although designed to be used for areas impacted by oil, gas, and mining activities, other state regulatory agencies also use RBDMS Environmental to monitor water quality and groundwater activities.  

Success Stories

Application of RBDMS Environmental in Alabama: An Overview

Ann Compton Arnold, Geological Survey of Alabama The Geological Survey of Alabama Groundwater Assessment Program (GSA-GAP) has been using the Risk-Based Data Management System-ENV (RBDMS-ENV), developed by the Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) since 2014.  To date, the GSA-GAP has effectively…
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RBDMS Continues to Improve Data Continuity

Field Inspectors State agency field inspectors across the nation have been visiting oil and gas sites for decades to ensure that environmental rules and regulations are being followed. One field inspector may be responsible for inspecting 1,000 wells and 60 facilities each year.  Whenever inspectors…
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Alabama Reaps Public Benefits from RBDMS

Alabama Oil & Gas Board The Alabama Oil & Gas Board (OGB) oversees 85 industry operators and almost 7,500 active wells. The OGB is responsible for enforcing numerous regulations designed to protect public resources, both financial and environmental. This includes tracking each well over its…
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