The GWPC conducts two RBDMS training meetings per year. The RBDMS Spring and Fall Training sessions focus on the administration and maintenance requirements for state-specific RBDMS products. Representative recent topics have included data translation and migration with SQL Server Integration Services; developing RBDMS report templates and filters; customizing RBDMS Data Mining and GIS; and collecting permitting and completion form data online with eForm.

Participants in the RBDMS Training meetings work through examples of tasks that RBDMS database administrators must be able to perform. The feedback becomes guidance for future curricula and RBDMS development. In this forum, the RBDMS Technical Advisory Committee encourages sharing code and programming techniques among RBDMS agencies. These meetings are excellent opportunities for agency representatives to network and to brainstorm mutually helpful technical approaches to emerging regulatory issues.

For input to the agenda and other details for the next training event, please contact the GWPC's Technical Director.


User Support

In addition to bi-annual training meetings and code sharing, RBDMS user support takes several forms:

  • Telephone and remote support (Terminal Services and/or Virtual Private Network)
  • Project tracking through an online forum for registered users
  • Open-attendance telephone and Web conferencing
  • Onsite support tapped through a help desk and a panel of consultants