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Regulators Working Together

The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) developed the Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) for regulatory agencies to use in managing and analyzing oil and gas program data and water resources management information. The GWPC's approach to increasing data availability through the RBDMS and its Web interfaces focuses on partnering with federal and state agencies, industry groups, and citizens.

Since the program's inception in 1992, the development of the award-winning RBDMS software has been underwritten through grants from the Department of Energy. Matching funding has been provided by state agencies in the forms of both donated, in-kind services and direct funding. Originally developed in Access version 1.1, RBDMS has evolved to the latest .NET technologies and has been adopted as a national standard.

The overarching goals of the GWPC's RBDMS Initiative have been threefold, dovetailing with the GWPC's Cost-Effective Regulatory Approach (CERA) management framework of effective and efficient policies and environmental program improvements:

  • To enable agencies at the state and federal levels to collect the baseline data needed for informed regulatory decisions that protect the environment.
  • To reduce the cost of information exchange between agencies across state and jurisdictional boundaries, between agencies and industry operators and their third-party laboratories, and between agencies and the public.
  • To help agencies reduce their operating expenses while increasing staff efficiency through automated workflows for regulatory data processing and analysis.


RBDMS development has historically been and continues to be directed by RBDMS states. Ongoing RBDMS development, legacy data conversion and migration, and system setup efforts in multiple states are overseen by the GWPC, a Steering Committee, and the RBDMS Technical Committee, a users' group whose participation is drawn from multiple states.

For more information about the suite of RBDMS applictions and tools contact the GWPC's Technical Director.

RBDMS is a project of the Ground Water Protection Council.