Who's Using RBDMS

The following agencies have found that RBDMS has greatly leveraged efficiency in mission-critical tasks such as reporting UIC data directly to EPA from RBDMS; automating oil and gas production, disposition, and UIC data from operators; managing environmental data, capturing data from field inspections, and offering online permitting, well completion reporting, production accounting, and sundry notice filing:

Alabama State Oil and Gas Board
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Idaho Department of Lands
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Indiana DNR, Division of Oil and Gas
Kansas Corporation Commission
Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas
Michigan DEQ, Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals
Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
New York State DEC, Division of Mineral Resources
New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
North Dakota Industrial Commission, Oil and Gas Division
Ohio DNR, Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management
Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Osage Nation Environmental and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection
West Virginia DEP, Office of OIl and Gas
Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining

To get RBDMS in your agency, contact the GWPC Technical Director. Typically, the GWPC will assist your agency in conducting a project needs assessment to define your technical and IT support needs. The GWPC will then help to customize the selected RBDMS modules on a cost-share basis. RBDMS code base is freely available to governmental agencies that sign a software license agreement.